Deeds of pledge and mortgage

A lien is a form of security interest granted over an item of property to secure the payment of a debt. Any property that carries a lien can be forced into sale by the lender, in order to collect what is owned. Items of property can be movable assets (e.g. vehicles, machinery), rights (claims against the third party) or securities.

A mortgage is a loan secured by a real property. An owner pledges his/her right to the real property as security for a loan.

All operations involving establishment of a lien or a mortgage are ordinarily recorded in the form of an immediately enforceable notarial deed, which provides the creditor with additional legal safety, because execution proceedings are not followed by civil proceedings (appeal is not possible).

Notarial sale in compliance with the Slovenian Financial Collateral Act  (ZFZ-C)

With the process of notarial sale of a real estate which is secured by a lien on the basis of a directly executable notarial deed between specific legal entities (at least one of parties is a credit institution), the real property security with a real estate is implemented much quicker.

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