Last will

You can transfer your property to other persons by making a will. The will may be signed with your own hand in the presence of witnesses or it may have the form of a notarial will. We advise you to deposit the will at notary's office. After your death, it will be clear at which notary the will was deposited and there is no possibility for the will to get lost, destroyed or come into unauthorized hands. The will can be changed anytime or replaced with a new one.

Who may draw up a will? The will may be drawn up by any person who has turned the age of 15 years and has a legal capacity. The will is valid if you write the whole will with your own hand and sign it. However, if you type it on a writing machine or computer, or if you dictate the will to a third person, the will has to be signed by two testamentary witnesses who must not be the heirs. Both witnesses then confirm that you really signed the document for which The best way is to make the will in the form of a notarial deed (also in the presence of two witnesses). The notary will provide you with legal advice and answer all your questions.

In case of a notarial will, the notary will submit all the data to the Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia, which will then enter them in the Central Register of Wills. After your death the court retrieves the data from the register and establishes which notary's office keeps the will. The notary hands it directly over to the court. You can, therefore, have the utmost assurance that the will is safely registered and kept.

You can, of course, write the will yourself and only deposit it in notary's custody. The notary will issue a certificate about the deposition of the will and submit to the Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia requirement for entry in the Central Register of Wills.

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