Matters of succession and inheritance

You can pass your assets already during your lifetime on your descendants or on any other person by making a contract. This will help you to arrange your property relations already while you are still alive and herewith avoid any disputes among the heirs after your death. At the same time you will also make sure that the one who will receive your assets will look after you when you grow old and are not able to take care of yourself anymore. Seek advice from a notary, explain to him/her your property situation, family relationship and your expectations. He/she will help you find the best solution for you.

Possible contract options which are all drawn up in the form of a notarial deed in notary's office are: deed of conveyance, life estate deed, and life care agreement.

You can pass your assets also on a third person during your lifetime with a deed of gift, however, your descendants may then pursue claims due to a depriviation of the statutory portion.  The contract of donation also does not contain any obligations in relation to a lifetime maintenance and care

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