Purchase and sale of real estate

For most people, acquision or sale of own property is one of the most important events in their life. Therefore it is very important that documents for legal transactions in regard to real estate are prepared by a legal specialist. Entrust the drawing up of a contract to notaries and you will avoid all hazards and risks connected with the purchase or sale of real estate and with its entry into land register.

Notaries will lead you safely through all steps related to the purchase or sale of a real estate and also if you wish to give your real estate to someone as a present.

If you have found the buyer yourself, you do not need a real estate agent or an attorney to draw up the sales contract. You can visit a notary prior to the purchase and obtain the first legal advice free of charge. The notary will specify which documents are required (land use certificate, pre-emptive right statement, official identity documents, birth or marriage certificates, etc.), then discuss your wishes, needs and interests with you and the counterparty, and accordingly advise you which type of contract will ensure the maximal level of safety. The notary can draw up the contract and, after meeting the tax obligations, verify your signature; the contract may be drawn up in the form of a notarial deed, which provides even higher legal safety and is also compulsory in certain cases.

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