Companies - Economy and entrepreneurship

Notaries provide the complete legal service in establishing a company in any form of status. They also advise and draw up documents on status changes.

Notaries will help you define company rules (often complicated) which you can then change under his supervision, in compliance with requirements and interests that develop in a later operating of the company and in different life situations, namely in a company with limited liability (foundation of a company, transfer of business share, a change of articles of association), a stock corporation, an economic interest group, the European public limited-liability company (SE) and in the area of winding up of companies (winding up procedure).

A notary will also prepare all other company law documents (mergers and divisions of companies, notarial deeds of statements, a transfer of company onto accepting entrepreneur and a status entrepreneur transformation, in the field of procedures resulting from insolvency (preventive restructuring), a transfer of ownership title for security purposes (fiduciary transfer) and a cession of claims on security (fiduciary cession). 

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